OISF Google Summer of Code Ideas



Project Ideas

Welcome Google Summer of Code students! We at OISF are looking forward to the program and invite you all to review the items detailed below.  We are constantly updating the detail on this list, so if you don't see something appropriate now, check back later or email us. Each of the entries references work to be done on our Suricata engine. Please look over our home page and investigate our work to date. These entries are general topics describing project team goals. If you have particular interest in a topic, do not hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We welcome your project ideas and comments or questions. Our goal is to develop realistic projects that expose each student to our network within the open source community and create lasting relationships.

We at OISF are looking forward to making this an exciting and challenging project for all!


Topic 1 - Completing Support for Several Snort Keywords



Topic 2 - Engine Regression Testing



Topic 3 - CUDA GPU Acceleration Support Completion



Topic 4 - IP Reputation and GeoIP Support and Keywords



Topic 5 - Initialization Optimization



Topic 6 - Hostile URL Database Matching Integration



Topic 7 - Added Protocol Detection Templates



Topic 8 - Global FlowVar Support



Topic 9 - Passive SSL Decryption



Topic 10 - Virtualization Support



Topic 11 - Fast Regular Expression Optimization